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21.06.2022 08:40
  • The end of the school year can be stresstful... What marks am I going to get? Is the teacher fair? Have I worked enough? Read the essay and see if you think the students deserves 1 or not -)))


Why should I get 1 from English?

Well, it is hard to judge myself but it is my task so those are the main reasons why (in my

opinion) I should get 1.


I agree, that sometimes I was disturbing your class however, I think that I tried my best to

engage in conversations or excercises and I did most of the homework. In this half year I got few bad

marks just because I lost my focus and lately it seemed to me that I got a worse mark everytime just

because I was missing one point.


Next thing is, that I was on Erasmus in Hungary and there I could comunicate with other

people easily. I even made some new friends. I understood almost everything and a while ago we had

to take a test because Erasmus has ended and the test said that my English level is now B2.

So those are the reasons why (in my opinion) I should get 1 on my final report.



Zaslouží si jedničku?

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