14.12.2016 13:44

Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December in England, with a Christmas dinner for the whole family on the Christmas eve or Christmas day.

The night of the 24th is just a quiet time which is usually spent with the family and very close friends, talking and drinking mulled wine and eating far too many sweets. The most important day is the 25th. This is when it gets to the fun part - opening presents! We don't get to see Santa Claus (we prefer calling him Father Christmas), because he comes when everyone's asleep. But in return for his generosity, some people leave out some biscuits and milk, or something stronger to keep the merry rosy-cheeked chap nice and warm on his travels around the world.

A typical Christmas dinner is dominated by the huge turkey. The turkey is roasted and served with a lot of vegetables, like potatoes, turnips, cauliflower and broccoli, with the choice of gravy, or mint or cranberry sauce. It takes a lot of hours to prepare all of this, and even longer to eat it. We are still eating turkey sandwiches two weeks after the Christmas dinner... The dessert is, of course, the Christmas pudding. It is a sweet that has no expiry date, and becomes better with age, like cheese. You eat it hot, with a lot of sweet sauce - custard.

Christmas dinners in England HAVE to come with Christmas crackers - they are tubes of cardboard that look like sweets. Inside there is a crown-shaped hat, a little souvenir, and a silly joke. To open them you need to pull the two ends apart and that's when they should open with a little bang! 



After Christmas day comes Boxing Day. Don't worry, it is not related to the sport; it is completely impossible to be aggressive after all that turkey and mulled wine. Boxing day comes from the word "box". In the old days, people went around to other people's houses on the day after Christmas day, asking for leftover food, or money etc.