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When we were young, our generation was totally different from teenagers these days! Have you ever heard it? Is it annoying? We asked our students what they think about that……


Wake up Teenagers

Today in our country are thousands of teenagers who we asked in a survey. We were interested in 3 topics: Firstly, teen values, secondly, how they spend their free time and thirdly, how they see their future. Here are the results.

More than a half said that they get their values from their parents or family members. And what kind of values are they? Mostly kindness, responsibility and respect for authorities. On the other hand, remaining group of teens said that they have their either their own values or don´t think about it.

Answer to our second question was mostly hobbies. The most common free time activities are sports or art.

Teens see themselves in future as lawyers, celebrities or as workers. The result of the survey is: Teens are far more similar to their parents than we think.

Jan Kolomazník, 4.A


Teenagers in Nowadays World

I think that today’s generation is very different from the old one. People always say that teenagers are extremely lazy. I think that’s not really the case, although some of them might be. Most teenagers dream big and work insanely hard to achieve those dreams.

The problem with them is actually a bit different. They spend a lot of their free time behind computers or the TV. On the other hand, you can hardly blame them, because that’s what they are used to. A computer with a connection to the Internet is the most useful thing these days.

It is really hard being a teenager in today’s world. Everything is unforgiving and against you. So you must have someone to help you on your journey to the future – friends. Because they are the ones to help you to achieve those dreams you have. Teenagers wish to be successful in their future lives just like anyone else does.

Jakub Sedlák, 4.A


The Expectations and Opinions of Teenagers

A research done at the Oxford University gives us an overview on how teenagers look at their lives and their expectations of the future.

Well, technically, there is no fixed scale of priorities according to which we could compare teenagers but the research shows that their main goals are almost the same – a good job, quality education, matching partners etc.

The ways they live are personal. The biggest difference is in their free time activities. Many students have part time jobs to form some basis for their lives after school but there are still exceptions. It mostly depends on the conception of their future. The most common is to get a job, own a house and find a partner.

The truth is that there are not two people alike and each of us has a chance to live the life we want.

Petr Vlk, 4.A


Today’s Generation

The most prestigious university in Zlín carried out a research on teenagers’ opinions about their lives. The experts made a 60-minute questionnaire and send it to all primary schools in the region. They counted more than 10 000 children.

They found out that young people do not think like older generation. They have very different priorities and opinions about a lot of topics. For example, they prefer playing video games while older people go for a walk in nature. Teenagers do not want to explore and discover new thinks and places. They are missing creativity in their lives.

Young people do not have plans for their future, they don’t care about that. A lot of people are trying to help them; they want to show them healthy lifestyle but only a few of them want to make the change.

Filip Okál, 4.A 

Se studenty čtvrtého ročníku přemýšlela Mgr. Kadlečíková

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