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23.03.2017 13:49


Do you feel that relationships between parents and children can be very
complicated? Or are you the sort of person who gets on well with everyone? We
have discussed similar questions in our English lessons and we are bringing you
some of the students' opinions.


As it's always
said, we find the biggest support, endless love and helpful hand in the family.
So why do kids less and less communicate with their parents? Is it the kids'
fault or the parents'?

I think that it
depends on the relationship between them. If the relationship is bad, I mean
with little love, no trust, then the behaviour of the child is bad too.

With regard to
checking your children's mobile phones, face book or reading personal diaries,
parents definitely shouldn't do that! That is a huge invasion of privacy.

If my parents
did this to me, I would be really angry. It is my privacy and what I want to
share with them is my decision. However, I understand that some kids can get
into troubles. If the parents are suspicious, it is understandable they want to
know what is going on with their child so in such cases they can even control
private conversation.

Škrabanová 4.K

There are
millions of parents and also millions of children in the world. Each of them
has a different personality, goals, thoughts and dreams. It is not possible for
me to describe every individual, not even in general. So I have decided to show
you how to treat your child or parents from my personal point of view.

At first I must
mention respect. Even though you may not agree with me, in my opinion, you
should always show respect. You have no idea what your parents have been
through. And you also do not know what your child is up to. Always try to see
the situations from the other's point of view.

nothing compares to love. You should love without conditions. Everyone makes
mistakes. Your parents could have acted wrong; your child might have done
something wrong. It can be hard but you should accept it, if you want to get on
well with the others.

Thirdly, try to
be positive - always. You do not want to a bored parent or a sad child. If you
are optimistic, every problem will be easier, I promise.

Finally, you do
not have to listen to me. Do what you feel is right for you and your family. It
is just your life; thus you live it the way you want.


                                                                                          Denisa Schafferová 4.K

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