O červené karkulce

20.03.2019 10:27

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O Červené Karkulce



Zadání: Zkuste se podívat na příběh Karkulky z jiného úhlu pohledu, představte si třeba, že příběh vypráví vlk. Nebo myslivec

The Hunter’s Story

Once upon a time I was cheating on my wife, but I did not want my wife to figure it out. So I went to the forest to cut some wood because I needed to look as if I spent my entire time working hard and my wife would not have the slightest idea what I was up to when we were not together.

I began to eat my snack when suddenly I heard a girl screaming in the distance. As I was running to her quickly I saw a big wolf following her. The wolf was just about to eat that pour little girl. I did not hesitate a minute and killed him with my axe.

The girl told me that the wolf had eaten her grandmother. So I cut the wolf’s stomach and the grandma jumped out. I saved a girl and her grandmother. I am a HERO. I am a HERO. I am a HERO.

Adam Křek, Matěj Hala and Richard Menša


The Story of a “BAD” wolf

It was the worst day of my life. My wolf girlfriend dumped me because I was too well mannered for her. So I decided to be a BAD guy.

I was walking through the forest, when suddenly in front of me I saw a little girl. In that moment I got a really good idea. I wanted to try my new bad behaviour on her.

‘Hello dear’, I said. She turned her head to me and replied, ‘Hello there’. ‘Do you want to play a game with me?’ I asked her. ‘I can’t, I am on my way to my grandmother’s house ’ she answered. ‘Oh, then we can have a race to see who gets faster to her house.’ ‘OK, that sounds cool’, she said happily. She explained the way to her grandma’s cottage to me and the race could begin.

Luckily I was there the first, so I could easily continue with my plan. I ate grandma and changed into her clothes.

A few moments later Little Red Riding Hood came. She immediately recognized that it was me in her grandmother’s bed and screamed, ‘I LOVE BAD GUYS’ and jumped into my bed.

Pavlína Krajčová, Eliška Kozlanská, Natálie Lakotová, Nela Vejvodová and Jana Hyánková


An Innocent Wolf Killed near a Forest

Good morning everybody, we are Marco Pešek and Jaroslav Medřický and this is the hottest news. An under aged girl called Little Red Riding Hood was sent alone to the woods to bring her gradma some pills and red wine. When she was walking thought the forest she stopped for a while by the lake to watch butterflies and relax. Than a wolf came to her asking her several strange questions about her journey, grandma etc. They took up a challenge who will be at grandma’s house the first. Of course, the wolf won. He knocked on the door, nobody answered so he waited patiently in front of the house. After a few minutes, Little Red Riding Hood came with a hunter because she was afraid of being alone in the forest. When the hunter saw the wolf, he immediately shot him with his gun. The police are now investigating the place and the hunter may be accused of murdering an innocent animal.

Marco Pešek and Jaroslav Medřický 

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