Moje oblíbená fotka

07.12.2017 10:13

Ahoj, všichni, do hodiny angličtiny jsme si měli připravit svou oblíbenou fotku, napsat , proč ji máme rádi a kde ji máme. Také jsme měli popsat okolnosti, za kterých jsme fotili. Můžete posoudit, jak se to některým z nás povedlo.



      My favourite photo      


One of my favourite photos is this with my friend Johnny.

I took this photo at one night in the spring of 2017 when I was out with my friend.

When I was taking this photo, we were at the height of 30 m on the mast in the middle of the train station. That evening we were at the pizzeria and we were bored. We went out. We saw the mast. Other friends went back to the pizzeria because they don’t like the heights. I and Johnny climbed up. It was an amazing view. We saw the whole city and we took a lot of photos. But this is  the best I think.

Me and  Johnny, we both love climbing on the masts, transmitters and similar high places. And we like taking photographs from places like that.

I have the photo on my phone and on my computer. With our other photos from our ,,walks”. :-)



This photo is the best because it's a little bit crazy and I like to remember my friends with whom I have a great experience.

My classmate's sister took the photo for a school tablo of my class. We were at Skalka in Fryšták in the end of the school year.
My friend was standing on the chair and we tried to pretend a real situation. The photographer used a special program to edit some photos and it deleted the chair. She took the photo again without us in the same angle and she united both photos. I am glad that my friend  agreed with such a crazy situation and made the photo with me.
I love this photo because I like the technique of the editing and it  looks allmost like AKTA X  :D
I have this photo in my CD card on my phone because I feel the photos are safe there.

One of my favourite photo is this one from the flight to Egypt.

I took this photo in summer of 2017 when I was on holiday with my mum and brother. 

We were at the place called Hurghada.It is the city in the dessert.We were at Alladin's beach resort.We stayed there with my aunt and her daughter.We were there only  for one week.It  was a beautiful place.The weather was lovely and the beaches were wonderful.The sea was hot with a lot of fish.The best thing was was Paradise Island.There was white sand and clear sea  .It was really hot here,about 50°.

I like this photo because even it was not the first time I was on plane, it was great experience. When I flew for the first time, I was three years old,so I cannot remember that. So the flight to Egypt was amazing and I felt lots of emotions.

I have this photo on my phone and PC with other photos from the plane and Egypt



This is my dog. His name is Trhač. The breed is  Beagle. He's 2 years old. He's very important part of my family. His cuteness can be seen at first glance. He looks so sweet. He's very kind so he's not bitting, only when unknown person comes. His coloring is white, black and brown on head. He has brown eyes, but in summer his eyes turn green. Big ears makes him hear further. When he's in the back of the garden, he can hear when I'm going to school in the morning. It's quite funny, like he was giving me goodbye. His favourite snack is beef bone. Now he sleeps next to my bed, but when he grows up, he's gonna sleep in a kennel. It's gonna be hard for him, but he will get used to it. He loves evening walks, I like them too. 

I took this photo in our garden few weeks ago. Before I took it I was playing with him, so he looks a little bit tired. This is my favourite photo because this was the first time when he actually looked at the camera. 

I have this photo only in my computer.



One of my favourite photos is this one.

It’s a photo of me on my bike riding down one of the difficult sections of the race.

This photo was taken bya  photographer from Moravecteam during the final race of Drahanská vrchovina series in Boskovice near Western park and single tracks.

It was a curved downhill part with mud and exposed tree roots making the descend challenging and difficult. There were two possible ways to beat this section. I chose a bit more difficult one. I think it was good choice, it was faster and more entertaining for me, and… more challenging than the second way.

I like this photo because I liked the race and because this is one of best photos from races this year. It reminds me of good results I managed after only one year of race riding.

I have the photo in my computer with other race photos and videos.


This photo shows my football team after that we have advanced to the nationwide final. It
was a two-day tournament and finally we finished seventh. The tournament was at
the main stadium in Jihlava , where we went by train. There were fourteen
teams. We were about eleven years old. On the photo  I'm in the lower row , the third from the
left and I have a blue jacket and blue shorts. Our team has yellow-blue
jerseys. Everyone has a club jacket, shorts, T-shirt and socks. In the
tournament were also different competitions ( hardness of shooting , etc. ) and
we could also tried the latest football boots. We all enjoyed it. We returned
home with parents by car. The weather was good without rain. The coaches
praised us and were happy. Two days in Jihlava in the tournament gave me the
motivation to continue playing football. I have been play football since then. 

Football is my favourite sport and I love it.