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10.02.2019 07:02

My future carrier


My future career is also my big dream - I've always wanted to own my very own cafe. Since I started drinking coffee, I felt in love with the black drink. I've visited a lot of different cafes and then I knew I want to be like all the great and well-known baristas. I've had some part-time jobs in my favourite cafes and learnt how to prepare coffee in professional coffee machine properly, how to communicate with guest and how to make them happy. After this, I knew that owning a coffee shop is great, because you'll watch all the people, coming in, smiling and enjoying perfect cup of coffee. So now, I've started preparing the opening of my own cafe - doing all the calculations, trying to find great place and last but not least, still learn how to make the best cup of coffee. However, it's still long journey, but I really hope I'll be successful and I'll open my cafe. 



  To begin with, I would like to intruduce my specialization of Technical school, expecially technical lyceum. This lyceum is divided into four disciplines called: civil engineering, electrical engineering, engineering and information technology. One of the four disciplines is chosen in the second grade. My field is engineering and there are some subject that are very important for example: technical drawing, technical mechanics, graphich programs CAD/CAM, engineering technology, engineering and CNC programming. But besides the spelialized subjects physis and maths are important for us.
  After graduation, it is recommended to go to the university because the spelialization is general. There are several universities  where you can go, for example: Brno University of Technology or Thomas Bata University in Zlín. There are many fields in all universities among which I can choose, but  can´t decide between two of them. It will be disadvantage for me if I have to travel far. On the other hand, there are many advantages, but the biggest advantage would be meeting   new people who have the same hobbies.
  I don´t know where I would like to work, but definitelly in this field of engineering. I think that good work is in building of  airplanes or making special machines for the health care. If I build some airplanes, I think it would be interesting. I want to go to a big aircraft, where I can construct big airplanes, for example I like constructions of engines, I woul like to make aircraft components or to do drawing documentation. However in this work I will not have enough place for thinking. I´m also scared that I won´t understand because large companies speak in foreing languages. This job isn´t easy, however I think it can make me happy.
  As well as I would like to make machines for the health care, such as X-ray or ultrasounds. I could help a lot of people and I like that idea.  I have already worked in one company which make all these stuffs and it was good. The working environment was very friendly and funny. Everything was stricly hygienic.


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