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05.05.2015 12:37

  'Life at Průmka'

My class is full of boys because of our field which is electronics and it is not what girls look for. To be honest, most of us have no idea why we decided to study this particular branch and now in 4th grade it becomes really hard to study for Maturita exam especially those specialized subjects.

My favourite subject used to be practice with Mr.Ťopek nevertheless, we had lessons with him only during our first year. I liked it because I was quite skilled and every class Mr.Ťopek gave us some useful tips for our lives.

 'Electican's Day'

I am a students in the 4th grade of this school. I am really glad that I have this opportunity to present my class. I can say that we are a very good bunch of guys maybe it is due to the fact that we do not have a girl in the class. Only 26 boys - that is how we work at school. It must be sometimes very hard for the teachers, however, most of the time we behave wellJ

My favourite subject is Math. I like the teacher too.

The most unforgettable memory is of the unique exchange trip to Belgium. I enjoyed all those days there with our new Belgium friends. I will remember that event for many years.

The last thing I would like to say is that I wish to pass successfully my Maturita exam and enjoy happily my last summer holidays. 

  'My Studies at SPŠ'

I am going to start this article by describing my classmates. In my class there are only boys. It is probably because of the field which we study - electronics. Not many girls are interested in electronicsJ but there are exceptions. So I have 26 classmates.

My favourite subject is PE, however, I like English too. PE is my favourite because we usually do some sports, play games such as football or basketball. It is great and I feel relaxed after the class.

There is one moment that I won't probably forget. It happened two weeks before our river guide training. The teacher who was in charge of organizing the course rushed into our class and yelled,' Are you guys kidding me? Why have you made up names in the list of students? There is nobody called Raul!' Then my classmate raised his hand and said, 'I am Raul.' The teacher apologized and walked awayJ

If I successfully finish this secondary school I will probably study at university.

         Class 4.E

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