Jak mi studium na škole změnilo život

26.04.2016 12:40

While most of us are counting the days or months till the end of the school year, the 4th year students are counting the hours. How do they feel about it? Have the studies at our school influenced them? In a good way or not? Read about it.

J  Ka

 How my studies at SPŠ have changed my life

I am not sure, if secondary school has changed my life, but I am 100% sure that I have become a different person since primary school. At the end of 9th grade I worried if choosing SPŠ Zlín was the right choice.

 But now just a couple of weeks before my maturita exam, I am absolutely positive, that my decision was right. Thanks to this school, mostly teachers, I look at the world completely different. I have become an optimist. 

On the other hand, I sleep less because of studying, drink more coffee and spend more money than before. But I am not sad nor bored. I have realized that calculating Math or speaking English is fun. That Physics is not just about studying patterns but it is about understanding the lessons.

 Although our teachers are strict, I really enjoy studies at this school. If I ever had another opportunity to choose a secondary school, I would definitely pick SPŠ Zlín again.

                                                   Aleš Kravic 4.G

It has almost been four years since I came to this school for the very first time. I knew, it was going to change my life. I just did not realize how much. And although I like this place as such, my love doesn't depend on the place only. 

I feel that this school has prepared me for studies at university and life itself. I have meet inspiring teachers. But the most importantly - I have found so many great friends.

It is said that the group of people that surrounds you is usually what influences you the most. I think that there are the best people at SPŠ Zlín. I have to admit that studying at this school wasn't always easy but thanks to the teachers and my classmates I have always found my way through it. 

To sum up, this school has given me a lot. Even though I - did and still do - have to learn hard I will never regret choosing it four years ago.

        A student from 4.G