Ideální hodina angličtiny

25.03.2019 10:07


My Ideal English Lesson



Jak si představuje Filip J. ideální hodinu angličtiny? Dozvíte se v článku. Upřímně, i mně by se taková líbila. 


We have a break. We are meeting and discussing the last English lesson, drinking a lot of water and putting on our trainers. Suddenly, we hear the bell. When the last person comes to the classroom and closes the door, the adventure can finally start.

We make a circle, close our eyes, hold each other’s hand and in a few moments we appear under the fountain on Trafalgar Square. That is where our journey begins. 

We head towards Buckingham Palace and the teacher is talking about all history of it including the Guy Fawkes story. We walk through the streets of London till we come to the port. We get on a ship and take the most amazing voyage on the River Thames. Meanwhile our teacher is telling us what we can see – Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the London Eye where we get off. The last thing we do is to admire the beauty of London from the London Eye where we can see the entire city and feel the atmosphere. 

Then we hear the bell again. So we close our eyes, hold each other’s nearest hand and return back to school. Our 45 minutes are over, unfortunately. As we are walking out of the class, we are telling each other that we have learnt something new, but most importantly, experienced something new. 


 Filip Jokl 1. A

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