I love motorism

13.03.2022 21:08

Why I love Motorcycling & motorism


For most people, cars and bikes are just means of transport. On the other hand, there is also a LOT of folks who love driving. The only problem is that it’s expensive. Don’t be fooled, the vehicle itself is still more bearable to pay than new tires and fuel, especialy nowadays.


I got into motorism when my father got me a broken, obsolete Czechoslovakian

motorcycle for my 10th birthday. First I had to repair it, with just slight help. Later I got myself another, and realised how great it feels - driving something I revived myself.


At first, the roar of the engine scared me, but once I learned the handling, I completely fell in love with that feeling. The whistle of a carburetor sucking air to feed it the engine’s only piston, which rings tremorously as it turns the air/fuel aerosol into flames… as if the whole thing was alive.


Now, I drive a Yamaha 125cc bike, and I would definitely recomend this activity to others, because I find it liberating. You don't have to drive fast and dangerously to enjoy it - Actually, I like peacefull roaming at mid-speed much more than just blasting it on full throttle.


As you were reading that thing above, you propably asumed that I’am insane. And... you’re right. When I cruise at mid-speed along some mountain’s ridge at sunset or twilight, I can exceptionally say that I feel cheerfull, free, and Unrestrained.

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