How to survive

15.10.2015 15:08

Dear students, the school year has already began and some of you may bestill struggling and not knowing how to survive the other 8 months at school.Jan Lutonský from 2.F has some useful advice for youJ Do you agree with him?What would you suggest?

How to be a good student ?!?

* Be punctual

Teachers hate students who are late, so my first advice is to be the first
in class.

* Dress well

I think that everybody likes clean clothes and washed hair.

* Make notes

Nobody remembers everything so write down notes properly to make your
revision for a test faster and easier

* Revise every day

It is really important to know what you did in the last lesson because the
teacher can examine you anytime moreover, you will not be afraid of future
exams anymore

*  Be always prepared

Have ready everything you need for your lessons. Make sure all the books,
exercise books are prepared on your desk before the lesson starts.

* Do your homework

Another really important thing to do is your homework because you can learn
a lot of important things that can show up in the exams.

* Have your snack ready to use

Energy is the key to success at school so prepare and eat your snack.

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