Horror stories

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My Nightmare in Roanoake

    Roanoake is an old colony in the USA. There were many clans, but one of these clans was the worst and the maddest. It was called "The Butcher Clan". The Butcher was a woman, she lived in Roanoake in the 15th century. She had a husband, but he was not with her frequently. So she had to control everything in this clan.  But some people didn't agree with her system. They arranged an insurgence against her. However, she knew about this insurgence, so she killed them with poison and the butcher's knife before they could organized the insurgence. After her death, she and people from her clan became ghosts. Since then everybody called her "The Butcher" and "The Butcher Clan". 

    And now our story begins. This story takes place in 20th century and this time nobody believed in ghosts. One family from California moved to Roanoake area. They didn't know anything about the Butcher and her clan and they didn't believe the stories people told them it, but you know, there is the Butcher!     This family bought an old house in the forest. They didn't have any neighbours. They were alone. One night it was a full moon, the family were watching TV. They didn't know that ghosts usually come alive at full moon.     The Butcher appeared from trees. She encircled their house together with her followers from the clan. The Bucher's  followers broke windows and doors and they came into their house.     The Butcher told them "This place is mine, I am the Butcher! Nobody won't be in my place!"     In the morning all members of this family were dead.     On the wall there was a sign "This is my place, Roanoake".


Hatterasův ostrov (dříve Croatoan) je ostrov ležící nedaleko východního pobřeží Severní Karolíny. Ostrov osadníci z ostrova Roanoke, který leží severně od tohoto ostrova, nazývali Croatoan. V letech 1585 - 1587 zde měli kolonii, v níž žilo 110 osob. Na něm se narodilo 18. srpna 1587 první dítě anglicky mluvících osadníků v Novém světě, dostalo jméno Virginia Dare. Když se vůdce osadníků v roce 1590 znovu vrátil na ostrov, našel zde jen pozůstatky z osídlení. Nikdy nebylo vysvětleno, co se v osadě odehrálo. Tato druhá osada vstoupila do historie jako Ztracená kolonie. Zmizení jejích obyvatel je stále záhadou.



Time paradox

It was a dark Sunday night, when the workmen heard some noises at the construction site. "What was that?" asked the worker named Peter. "Oh, it was probably nothing," said the worker named Walter. Peter was a bit nervous, but at the same time he wanted to know what made the noise, so he decided to check it out. "Walter!!" yelled Peter, "Come here, quick!". So, Walter ran towards Peter to see why he was screaming so much. Peter has found something very interesting. Actually, it wasn't a thing, it was a person. A small, bald, pale child. "Who are you?" asked Walter and Peter at the same time. "Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Michael, and I am from the far future. The year 2567, to be exact." said Michael. Walter and Peter didn't believe a single thing Michael said. "Well, how is this possible? How did you end up here, in this place, in this time? Are you some sort of a time traveler?" asked mockingly Peter. "Yes, the people in my time have developed technologies that allow us to experience time in a different way than you do. So, yes, I'm something like a time traveler. I have accidentally travelled to the time when my parents were supposed to meet, so my mother could eventually give birth to me, but I caused an accident that killed my mother. Which means that I was never born, but yet, I am still here." explained Michael. Walter then said: "So, you're telling us... that... you're some sort of a time paradox?! Or something like a ghost?! Don't make me laugh, kid. I don't believe a single thing you've just said". "Well, I can prove it to you." said Michael. Suddenly, Peter disappeared. Michael then said: "The same thing that should have happened to me, has happened to your friend Peter." Walter, looking very confused, said "Who is Peter? And most importantly, who are you, young man?" Michael said: "Of course you don't remember Peter. He never existed." "Uhh, what?" asked Walter. Walter then also disappeared. "I can't risk any witnesses." said Michael to himself, then he walked out from the construction site, into the dark forest. Little Michael knew, that he was actually adopted. That's why he continued to exist, even after he caused the death of his "mother".

Matěj Česal, 2.G

Výsledek obrázku pro hodiny

Ghost story

It was an ordinary day. I was preparing to go to the bed. It was about ten o'clock pm. I brushed my teeth then I went to my bedroom. When I came to my room I recognized that something was not ok. I had three lights in my room and each was broken. So it was dark in there. I went to another room in my house but there wasn't any light broken. I didn't know how it was possible but after thinking about what had happened I repaired lights in my room and I went to sleep. I had a terrible dream that night. I woke up four times. It was about 3 o'clock a.m. when I woke up the second time and I wanted to get some water because I was thirsty. I turned on the light switcher but it didn't work. Lights were broken again! I was really scared. I didn't know what was happening. I ran out of my room to the living room. Lights in another room were still working. I was drinking glass of water when I heard some noise. I dropped the glass and it broke. I went to look where the noise came from. I didn't find anything. I decided to sleep again. I thought I'd solve it in the morning. When I was on the way to my room something behind me moved! I felt it. I turned and I saw a character. He was soaked in blood and he was wearing ripped clothes. I was scared to death. He started to run. I decided to run too. When I ran towards the doors into my room I stopped. He was in front of me and he stabbed a knife into my stomach. In that moment I woke up. It was all only dream. It was relief. The first thing I did that morning was that I tried to turn on the lights. Fortunately, they worked. I didn't sleep more that night. 

Výsledek obrázku pro duch

Our story takes place in the ruins of once  famous city... Vlčková. Vlčková was once a prosperous and rich burg. All the people from neighbouring towns and villages were rushing to Vlčková because the city was doing so well, that everyone was living there for free. That was because of a new mineral called Lesionium. But people back then didn't know the propeties of Lesionium and it caused a nuclear fallout. Two hundered years ago an expedicion was sent to investigate  what caused the fallout and how to use Lesioinum without any drawbacks or disasters. The team jumped out of a helicoper and they were approaching their target. They started looking aroud and investigating. They wanted to get back to the drop site and regroup. One of them was missing. They went to his last known postion which was the Lesionium storage near the city centre. They just found his remains and some ghosts feasting on his body. Once the ghosts spotted them they just started screaming, but to no effect. No one has heard of them since and the dream of limitless energy died with them.  

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