Extensive Reading

21.01.2015 18:06

Dear readers

Students from class 4.E have been reading in English for almost a year now.
In the class they have had a lot of opportunities to reflect on their reading
experience, thoughts and interesting moments they came across while reading.

We would like to share with you one activity we did in the class. The
students were asked to write the sequel to a book they liked. Thus you can read
what "happened" to Steve Jobs after the end of the book. 

Just to remind you our school library offers quite a wide collection of
Graded Readers (simplified stories), so do not hesitate and pick one.

If you have written anything in English (not only) e.g. a story, essay, poem
or song and you do not want to keep it just for yourself, please send it to us,
we will be very happy to publish it.

Yours sincerely                                                     Jitka Kadlečíková


And this is the sad ending:

Steve Jobs

 Steve fought with cancer since 2005. He had to undergo liver
transplantation. After this transplantation it looked bad with Steve. He fought
so hard, but cancer hit another organ. When he thought, he was going to die; he
sent all his money to a family fond. Then come his last breath, he closed his
eyes and went to heaven for billionaires. He enjoyed being there; the girls
were nice, drinks fresh and other pleasures waiting for him which he could not
experience when he was alive. He watched the news about Apple, he felt happy
about new iMac, iPad, and new iPhone 5 and 5s. But one day the newspaper from
the earth came to heaven and he saw something looking like a Samsung, but why
at the back of this phone is the bite in the Apple? Cause it is the new iPhone
6 and 6 Plus. He thought it is only a joke, but it was not April. He went out
from jacuzzi and went to God with one request. He asked him, "Please, send me
back into the world; I need to kill some designers from the Apple company. And
God said, "Yes, this new iPhone 6 is horrible, but I must give you another
face, you cannot go back like Steve Jobs". Steve replayed, "Yes of
course". So God let him go back into the world. Steve went to the Apple
design centre, but when he was crossing the road a drunk driver hit him by his
car and Steve died in hospital. Sad end

        Jan Grygera 4.E