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29.03.2017 12:34

I want to have

My big dream is
to have qualification for WRC. I know that it sounds maybe a bit unreal for a nineteen-year-old boy, but I have some experience with rally racing.

My 'career'
started two years ago when my dad realised that I am very good at driving go carts. He registered me for Ford Club Racing championship which I won and after that I won many amateur races. So I hope that I have some chances. I want this because my dream is to 'be somebody' in rally sport and to show what I can do.

WRC is the
highest competition in rally sport with the hardest tracks, the fastest cars and full of danger. This competition takes place all over the world, so it is a form of travelling as well.

qualification for WRC would change my life because I would be always on the road. WRC is not only a competition, it is lifestyle.

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I want to have

The thing I would like to have can be a bit surprising for someone. It is a wish. And it is pretty simple. I just want back my dearest. These members of my family who were so much important for me and everything seems a little sad without them.

The reason why I wish so is not illogical in any way. I just miss them, I miss spending time together, talking to them ...

It wouldn't influence only me. It would be great for my whole family and it doesn't matter how old each of is now or where we live. All of us miss the days during which we used to spend holidays together or meet at Christmas.

However, I am happy that at least my memories feel like real when thinking about them. I know that my wish is unlikely to be fulfilled but it comes into my mind so often...

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